Why Granite Sky?

Understanding your business or organization is key to successful marketing and communication. Granite Sky Creative Group is a full service marketing firm that has been in the Charlotte region for over 25 years. We have a rich history of working with a wide array of industries from start-up companies to corporations and from non-profit organizations to governments. Whether it’s a new website, newsletter, citizen communication and education or it’s time to embark on a complete rebranding campaign, Granite Sky has the knowledge, expertise and experience to guide you through the process.

Our strategies to assist clients achieve realistic goals:

  • First and foremost, listening and understanding your goals, needs and preferences. 
  • Research and analyze current market share, competitive market share and potential market share. We review the information gathered and provide recommendations that we believe will be most beneficial and appropriate for the project’s success.
  • Brainstorm & analysis, taking into account all the information gathered from both our client and our research. We throw all ideas out into the open; the good, the bad and the far out, and from this we develop concept ideas.
  • Concept and design, two or three concepts are refined into tight comps that are presented to the client. Taking client feedback into account, the design is finalized.
  • Work closely with appropriate vendors to ensure quality of final product. 
With this thorough approach, we are able to hit the target market successfully and quickly. Our experience in both the private and public sectors enables us to identify different market segments and target those markets to each according to their needs.

We love creating lasting relationships and we pride ourselves on creating and maintaining long-term partnerships with our clients. This partnership enables us to thoroughly know the inner workings of your organization and your audience – resulting in targeted, successful campaigns and collateral.

Granite Sky Creative Group is a 100% woman owned and operated business and is certified with the state of North Carolina as a HUB vendor.

Meet Our Project Team Leaders





Mia Holshouser, Principal Consultant/Owner
Mia was an employee of the company for 4 years when she purchased the business in 2000 and has continued to foster relationships with old clients and expand the client base to new territories. She brings a unique approach to the marketing field that most professionals in her position do not, she is not a designer, she is a listener and strategist. She strives to delve into the organization she is working with to get a clear and concise understanding of the project and then relays the critical information to her team. Mia has worked with local municipalities for more than 15 years and has a strong understanding of the workings of local government and the importance of citizen education. She has sat on multiple committees within local municipalities to plan projects for up to a year prior to their launch.



Deanna Wilson, Creative Director 
Deanna has over 25 years’ experience in the graphic design industry and has produced many award-winning designs. Her background in mechanical engineering gives her a detail oriented approach while her graphic design and fine art background keeps her designs fresh and relevant. Deanna strives to give each organization she works with a unique look and feel that reflects their mission and identity while effectively reaching and influencing their target market through print and web alike. 



Jerod Brown, Project Manager 
Jerod’s strong business understanding enables him to fully grasp the big picture of each project. Because of this, he is able to make sound recommendations as the project progresses. With a triple major in political science, economics and business, Jerod is able to look at a project from many different perspectives. He understands the economic impact of a strong presence within the community for continued development and growth.

      Sam Blair, Lead Web Developer
An industry expert with more than 15 years of experience in web design, software development and project management, Sam has a proven ability to deliver results. Sam has worked in the corporate field and also as a freelance consultant delivering dynamic web applications with a concentration on content management systems, mobile integration and database architecture.